Cover crops in Mediterranean climates

This work is based on data from Shackelford, G.E., Kelsey, R., and Dicks, L.V. (2019) Effects of cover crops on multiple ecosystem services: Ten meta-analyses of data from arable farmland in California and the Mediterranean in Land Use Policy 88: 104204.

As suggested in Shackelford et al. (2019), "We can envision an interactive database that would allow decision makers to filter the data for a meta-analysis and automatically recompute the results, using only the data that are relevant to their decisions (e.g., selecting data points by cover crop type, fertilizer usage, tillage, etc.). Such a database is beyond the scope of our work here, but it may be available in the near future ("

This work on cover crops is a prototype for the methods of dynamic meta-analysis that we are developing here at, but please note that it is a work in progress.